Five months ago we rescued Cody, a 5 year old Aussie Shepard who was looking for a family that could give him the time, attention and exercise he needed. For a few weeks of “honeymoon” he was the perfect dog. Affectionate, bright and social. Unfortunately, that stage ended, and we found ourselves with a rescue dog that was only fine at home. In public, he became overly protective, aggressive with other dogs, out of control, and unpredictable. Having him neutered didn’t change anything, we tried several different leashes and halters, and he just kept getting worse. When he snapped and bit a neighbour’s hand we were horrified and realized we had gotten ourselves in for way more than we could manage. Fortunately, someone in the neighbourhood had heard about Keltie R. Lang and her successful obedience training and work with aggressive dogs. Keltie was straightforward, knowledgeable and honest about the breed and the situation we were experiencing.

She has a great communication style, using examples and anecdotes to explain a problem or a technique. After our first lesson, we began to see improvements. As we practiced the simple rules we had learned, the improvement continued every week after that. The difference in our dog and our life is amazing.

Torben and I learned to read our dog, and give him guidance with clarity and consistency. We learned to provide Cody with the security of knowing who was in charge, and how we expected him to behave. We learned how to manage “situations” like a room full of romping puppies, or an alpha male, or dogs running and walking in his space. We learned basic commands (really instructions) to direct Cody. We learned that Cody wasn’t really an aggressive dog, he was scared, and that it was our responsibility to give him the framework to feel confident and safe.

Keltie taught us that there is no excuse to have a rude dog.
— Debbi & Torben Rasmussen, Burnaby BC

Keltie’s classes work, they are fun, and challenging. I have two boxers and I couldn’t walk them together. They would react to other dogs, pull on the leash and basically ignore me. I thought it may take YEARS before we could all walk together. I was wrong. It happened right before my eyes during Keltie’s class. I took private and group lessons and within a few weeks I was confidently walking my boxers together. We were all so happy and free. Unbelievable. The lessons have added immense value to our lives.

As my teacher, Keltie was genuinely thoughtful before speaking. She was honest, direct and wasted no time. I learned to be consistent, positive and in charge. Most impressively, Keltie was able to ‘bottom line’ the problem right away, and then offer a solution. I appreciated that. Big time.

So what is her recipe? It’s different for every dog, but Keltie will know exactly what to do. It’s a gift. So if you’re serious about wanting an obedient dog and want to learn from the best, treat yourself to a spot in her class
— Tricia Dann, Vancouver, B.C.

There’s a saying in the dog world...“you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need!” by Cesar Millan. That is definitely true, however, more importantly the same should be said for a trainer, and for us we are doubly lucky to have found Keltie both the trainer we “wanted”, someone who cared about our dog, and understood his issues, and the trainer we “needed”, someone to teach us how to work with our dog towards creating a good, polite canine citizen. The dog world would be a better, safer place if more dog owners took Keltie’s instruction. We think the world of her and will be forever grateful for the life lessons, knowledge & confidence she has instilled in us.
— Bev & Earl Gatland, North Vancouver BC
Keltie R. Lang is an amazing coach for anyone interested in Competition Obedience. She teaches her students how to build and channel drive in all types of dogs, instil work ethic, attain precision, and create consistency in performance. Thanks to working with Keltie, I was pleased to achieve an OTChX with my Rough Collie and am now building a solid working foundation with my young Border Collie. It’s been a lot of fun too - many thanks, Keltie!
— Denise Palmer Hoskins, Maple Ridge BC

I started training with Keltie R. Lang with my first competition obedience dog, Marcus, in 2007. We had already managed a CDX but were having a lot of trouble with our Utility work. Not only did Keltie take us to our Canadian OTCh, but she totally changed our relationship. Marcus and I became partners in our work and learned to accept responsibility in our training and trialing. My GMOTCh dog Tommy was a puppy at the time, and I learned how to focus his energy as well as my own. I also learned that what you do and expect in training is what you’ll get in trialing. In 2011 Tommy achieved his MOTCh and was the Number 1 obedience Labrador Retriever in Canada, which was thrilling for both of us. Our ultimate accomplishement was finishing our GMOTCh title and placing in the Top 10 Dogs in Canada in 2013 .

Today I’m starting my third dog, Geroy. I look forward to training him with my coach, Keltie. I think that is what is so special about Keltie. She is your coach – not just someone who puts on classes – and to me that makes a world of difference.
— Shirley North, Langley BC

Keltie is an amazing trainer. Beyond her experience and knowledge, she also has compassion that I can feel and see, which is what really makes her so great- a rare gift that hardly anyone has. She has helped me to set realistic expectations for my competition obedience dog and how to be more clear with him about what I want him to do. Keltie gives clear directions so that I know what to do with my dog and how to help him. In a matter of a few minutes, she demonstrated how to improve our heeling dramatically. Keltie has a gentle but firm, clear way of handling my dog when she is showing me what I need to do and he responds to her very positively and quickly which gives me a good visual picture of what I need to do. She notices details such as my body language and how I am communicating with my dog. Her suggestions are spot on and help me improve quickly. Her genuine love for dogs and warm praise that she gives when they do well gives me inspiration and energy to keep working and moving forward. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be in her competition obedience classes and I am excited about the improvement that both my dog and I have made. We both look forward to our next lesson with her. I would highly recommend Keltie to anyone!
— Ingrid Grant, Bellingham WA

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